Classy theme-based restaurants in India

India is known for its food and varied culture. There are various restaurants which are made up of unique concepts. We would list down the 10 theme-based restaurants which each and every person in India should visit once. Every one of it is unique in its own way.

Hang out at Sheroes

Location: Agra & Lucknow

Theme: Hang out at Sheroes café is run by the survivors of acid attack. People from all over the world are invited to this café. Foreign tourists are major guests of this café and they love the treatment. North Indian and continental cuisine are the hot selling dishes of the place and they serve only vegetarian dishes. One of the most unique aspects about this café is the customers can pay as much as they want to. There is no fixed amount of bill which is given to customers. The café earns a huge amount of profit, but they also run-on crowd funding from time to time.

Seva Café

Location: Ahmedabad

Theme: The concept of Seva Café is that the bill of the customer is paid by the previous customer. This café comes with a purpose of treating everyone with kindness and love. The customers need to follow the chain by paying for the next guest. This café teaches everyone to give without any expectations.

Bombay to Barcelona

Location: Mumbai

Theme: Bombay to Barcelona is a library café which is run by street kids. Amin Shiekh , the owner of the café makes sure to provide a safe and comfortable environment for people from socio-economic backgrounds. The café is a library café where people can relax with a cup of coffee in one hand and being involved in the book with the other hand.


Location: Hyderabad

Theme: The café is based on the thrill of cinema. The décor theme is based on Bollywood with the pictures of the films and fans are always amused by the decoration. 70mm is a way too passionately created café for movie enthusiasts.

Kaidi Kitchen

Location: Chennai

Theme: This restaurant gives an experience of being a prisoner-esque, and serves a different variety of cuisines. For being a foodie, you can get arrested and enjoy yourself in the prison called Kaidi Kitchen. The waiters here have a uniform of prisoners and they serve in those clothes, while the security wears the uniform of a police officer and they guard the gates.


Location: Bangalore

Theme: Gufha at The President Hotel in Bangalore is based on the old times when the food was served in a cave. The waiters wear the cave-men dress and they serve their guests in those. Gufha gives their guests an amazing experience of dining in a cave.

Nature’s Toilet Café

Location: Ahmedabad

Theme: Some people may already feel gross after listening to the concept. But the theme of Nature’s Toilet Café is innovative in its own way. Food in this restaurant is served by making the guests sit on the toilet seat. Also, the interior decoration is based on lavatories and urinals from the ancient area.

The Bar Stock Exchange

Location: Mumbai

Theme: The Bar Stock Exchange works just like the Stock Market. The prices here for the beverages rise and fall depending on their demand and popularity.

The Ciclo Café

Location: Chennai

Theme: The Ciclo Café is based on the bicycle-themed restaurant. The theme of this café brings back the nostalgic days of childhood. The furniture of this restaurant is made up from recycled bicycle parts.

New Lucky Restaurant

Location: Ahmedabad

Theme: New Lucky Restaurant is made for people who are really adventurous. Living human beings can dine with the dead beings. Inside the restaurants there are graves present and is built on a graveyard. Here, people can live in between life and death.

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